Next League

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The ultimate Next.js + TailwindCSS + Contentful Sports League Template!

A simple, elegant and fast blog to engage your readers.

See Live Demo:

-> Next.js + TailwindCSS

-> Integrated with Contentful as Headless CMS (Multiple Collections)

-> Lightning Fast (close to 100 lighthouse audit score)

-> Progressive Web App (PWA)

-> Mobile Responsive

-> 10 Pages: Index, About, Contact, Blog, Login, Teams, Team, Table, Schedule, Player

-> 24+ Components

-> Dynamic Routes for Teams and Players

-> Search Functionality

-> Font Awesome Icons

-> SEO setup: meta tags, twitter/facebook image preview, sitemap.xml, robots.txt etc

-> Sitemap setup (sitemap.xml route ready to go)

You can easily customize and extend the code as your needs grow.

See Live Demo:


Simply unzip the file, cd into it using your favorite command line terminal and run

yarn && yarn dev

Site should be up on http://localhost:3000/

For production - you can use services such as Vercel or Netlify to host the site.

If you want to use Contentful you will need to make account and add in your API Keys to the environment variables (instructions in README)

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The zip file containing the source code

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Next League

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I want this!